Monday, July 14, 2014

Intentionally Complimentary

Take the time to point out to others what we can see but they don't.  #Leadership #Caring #Sharing— Bruce Van Horn (@BruceVH) June 26, 2013
I came across this tweet by Bruce Van Horn last month, and it struck deep. Although possibly not the interpretation he intended, the beauty of the quote is that it made me stop and think: 
Do I take the time to point out to others the positive things I see in them? Things they may not see themselves?
I'm forced to answer: not enoughIn just a few short words, this question convicted me of something that I've been considering in recent months-- I don't compliment people enough. I mean the real deal-- compliments that are specific, reinforce positive qualities, and make our world a better place.

I'm not saying that I am rude or ungrateful. The opposite, in fact, because I often think of the many wonderful qualities of the people around me. I just don't feel I point out these qualities to them enough.

Why not? There could be a number of reasons-- lack of time or energy, or maybe I just tend to be too "task-oriented." I'm left wondering how many opportunities I've had to share a compliment, and by extension, share a little bit of Jesus' love and compassion with those around me.

So today I pledge to point out the positives. I pledge to be observant enough to note the things about others that they might not even notice themselves. I pledge to compliment others in ways that are life-giving and affirming. I pledge to try to validate the actions, characteristics, or qualities of those around me that make a positive impact on our environment, helping to create a caring, compassionate, and truly Catholic community.

Will you join me?