Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why I Send My Child to Catholic School

It's official.  As of three weeks ago, I'm a Catholic School Parent.  After 15 years as a Catholic School Teacher/Administrator, I'm finally seeing life from the other side of the school handbook.  My son, just recently eligible for Junior Kindergarten is now a "Patriot" like his dad.

Sending my child to Catholic school was never really an option-- it's just something my wife (also a Catholic school teacher) and I always knew we would do.  We never really took the time to think about all of the things we hoped our child would gain from the experience.  After all, God has enabled us in some small way to try to provide those things for our students and their families for the last 15 years, so it just seemed natural.  

However, now that my child is there, I find myself constantly thinking about all of the ways I hope and pray this sacrifice impacts him.

Why do I send my child to Catholic school?  Because the parents, administrators, and teachers-- like me-- 
  • Respect my place as the primary source of my child's faith education.
  • Care more about my child's eternal/spiritual well-being, than his material/worldly well-being.
  • Seek to help form my child's conscience along with his intelligence.
  • Pray for my child . . . everyday . . . several times a day.
  • Will feel they've failed if my child can ace his tests, but he doesn't have a relationship with Jesus.
  • Know that school-- like the world-- is not perfect.  That since it's impossible to ensure nothing bad ever happens, the real key is how they teach my child to handle the bad situations that do arise.
  • Are trying to create a school environment where my child has the opportunity to learn understanding and forgiveness.
  • Want the best for my child, and love him as if he were their own.
My reasons reflect my unique perspective as both Catholic school educator and Catholic school parent, so I'm sure I've missed several things with this list.  I'd love for you to share your reasons in the Comments below, too.  May God continue to bless us all as we seek to provide the best for our kids!

Happy Catholic Schools Week 2012!

Want to read more?  A guy named Nick Senger wrote a list of 101 Reasons to Send Your Child to Catholic School.  Some are very funny.  All are wonderfully true.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Joe! We are Catholic school parents because it's important to us that our dear little daughter lives her Catholic faith daily. We want her to grow up knowing that our faith is a way of life and not just a once-a-week event. We want her to be educated as a whole person, academically and spiritually. Our little one has loved being a Catholic pre-schooler, I can't believe we are getting ready for kinder next year. We are excited for the years to come!